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Top 10 Insane Personal Transportation Vehicles

Many of us use personal transportation vehicles to cover a great portion of our everyday trip to the office or just a casual trip to the store. But as technology gets innovative every day, there are more modern personal transportation vehicles available on the market that you can use to make your everyday trip convenient and efficient. We have listed, top 10 insane personal transportation vehicles, that you should have to make your everyday trip a breeze.

1. D-fly’s Dragonfly Hyper Scooter



  • Motor- 1800watts
  • Top speed- 38 miles
  • Range- 11 miles
  • Frame- Carbon Fiber

London-based company D-fly has unveiled the world’s first luxury high-performance hyper scooter which delivers an exhilarating riding experience, exceptional build quality, cutting-edge technology, and premium design. The scooter offers both speed and stamina with powerful dual motors deliver 1,800 watts to each wheel and it speeds up to 38 mph. A powerful easily swappable and rechargeable battery packs, which provide a range of up to 11 miles with the included standard travel pack.

Its rotary-control throttle allows for easy one-hand acceleration and braking, and its dual independent suspension system keeps every ride perfectly smooth. The four-wheeler model allows the sharp turning radius and precise control. Its frame is sculpted from light-but-strong carbon fiber, aerospace-grade aluminum, and carbon-fiber-reinforced paulownia wood. The D-Fly’s Dragonfly hyper scooter is still a pretty much concept right now and will launch very soon. If your preference is luxury, smoothness, and performance with a touch of exciting riding experience, this Dragonfly hyper scooter is your thing. It’s available for pre-order online.

2. Carmel GT



  • Motor- Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) turbocharged gasoline engine
  • Top speed- 138 miles
  • Suspension- Onboard

For those who find the Three-Wheeler too old school, Utah-based Vanderhall offers a more modern American equivalent in the form of the Carmel autocycle to give the experience of pure luxury and comfort. It has GM-sourced aluminum-block Dual Overhead Cam 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The Carmel sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 138 mph.

It has Inboard suspension enables lower profile design and the Paddle shifters enable semi-manual shifting of the transmission. A driver is able to tap left to downshift or tap right to upshift to accommodate more precise control of performance. The Carmel GT can fill your everyday trip with convenience and luxury and you can get it one for your everyday trip.

3. Segway S-Pod



  • Top Speed- 24.8 miles
  • Range- 43.5 miles
  • Dimension- 1580 x 790 x 1400 mm (Height/Width/Length)
  • Angle- 10 Degrees

Meet Segway’s newest self-balancing vehicle, looks strange but stylish. It provides a relaxing feel to its rides which makes your journey a bit comfortable. Thanks to its powerful motor, this vehicle has a mind-boggling top speed of 24.8 miles per hour so that you can always reach your destination faster.

Equipped with a powerful battery this vehicle can provide a maximum 43.5-mile range on a single charge so that you can take this with you on any long trips without any worry. The S-Pod is basically going to be a self-balancing vehicle and still a concept, that is especially concentrated on disabled people, making it easy to ride. And it will launch real soon. The Segway S-Pod is still in its concept stage and is expected to provide convenience to your everyday ride.

4. YX ONE – All Terrain Board



  • Motor- Electric hub motor peaking at 1500 watts
  • Top speed- 25 miles
  • Range- 37 miles
  • Frame- Steel Frame

It’s probably best understood as a monowheel hoverboard that’s been relieved of its self-balancing duties by means of a pair of outrigger wheels on the front. It has an electric hub motor peaking at 1500 watts, enabling a top speed of 25 mph, so that you can always have a smooth and responsive ride every time.

It comes with an onboard 624Wh battery, which offers a maximum range of up to 37miles on a single charge so that you can take it long trips without any hassle. This board comes with 3 riding modes to match your needs and is equipped with coil suspension with disc braking to provide you maximum stability and comfort.

This board is also water and dirt-proof, that allows you to ride it on off roads alongside of your everyday trip with pure confidence. Smooth city rider or for weekend fun. Feel the freedom, the adrenaline on every ride. Make your daily commute the most exciting part of your day. And you can back them up on their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

5. Onewheel XR



  • Motor- 750-Watt Hypercore hub
  • Top Speed- 19mph
  • Battery- 324Wh
  • Range- 18mile
  • Connectivity- Bluetooth

Onewheel XR is a total game-changer in the world of skateboards, it operates uniquely while balancing only one wheel, showing style and creativity everywhere you go. It comes with a 750-Watt Hypercore hub motor, that allows you to reach a top speed of 19mph and adds 10% more power for riding uphill.

Equipped with a 324Wh battery, this skateboard can provide a maximum 18mile range on a single charge, so that you can ride on longer trails with confidence. It comes with a regenerative charging system, which means while it’s going downhill at a lower speed, it recharges the battery, allowing you a longer period of running.

This skateboard has Bluetooth connectivity so you just have to connect the skateboard app with the board, and it will automatically store all your day to day riding data. If you want to add some unique taste to your everyday trip, then the Onewheel XR is the right choice for you and you can get it from online.

6. Hyundai Scooter



  • Top Speed- 12.4 MPH
  • Battery- 10.5ah
  • Range- 12.4 Miles
  • Design- Foldable

Car manufacturer Hyundai recently joined the game of electric scooters with their Foldable electric scooter, a unique scooter that is designed to make your everyday trip convenient and efficient. It comes with a powerful motor, which allows you to reach a top speed of 12.4 miles per hour so that you can always have smooth and responsive riding experience.

Powered by a 10.5 ah lithium battery, this scooter can provide a maximum range of up to 12.4 miles on a single charge, so that you can ride it on longer trips worry-free. Its unique collapsible design allows you to easily fold it in a super compact size and weighs just around 16 pounds so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

It features a digital display, that shows your bikes’ current status in real-time and comes with regenerative braking which recharges its onboard battery while braking on a downhill. The Hyundai scooter is still in its prototype stage and expected to launch with unique features to make your everyday transport super easy.

7. Skatebolt Breeze II



  • Motor- Dual 350W
  • Top speed- 28miles
  • Battery- Samsung 30Q
  • Range- 15miles
  • Deck Material- Bamboo+ Fiber Glass

Finish your everyday ride in style with Skatebolt Breeze II, a stylish and powerful skateboard that lets you enjoy your everyday ride. It comes with a powerful 350W Dual motor, that allows you to reach a top speed of 28mph with just a push of a button and ensures you reach your destination swiftly. Equipped with a Samsung 30Q lithium battery, this skateboard can go up to 15miles in its medium mode on a single charge. So that you can ride it on longer trips worry-free. Its Deck is made of bamboo and two layers of glass fiber which gives it the ultimate flexibility and strength to deal with any type of road or trail like a pro.

It comes with a Customizable braking system with regenerative braking power, which can provide instant braking power and charges its battery by braking on a downhill. The Skatebolt Breeze II is the most stylish solution for your everyday transport and you can get one for yourself from online.

8. Stator Ride 5



  • Motor- 1000W
  • Top Speed- 30
  • Battery Capacity- 18650
  • Range- 80miles

Add Uniqueness to your everyday ride with Stator ride 5, a self-balancing electric scooter that takes care of your everyday transport. It comes with massive 1000W motor, that allows you to reach a top speed of 30MPH within a short time, and enjoy a swift ride every time. Equipped with a 18650 Lithium-Ion battery, this Electric scooter offers a maximum range of up to 80miles on a single charge, so that you can cover longer trips without stopping. This scooter comes with 3 different modes to match your needs, while its durable aluminum bladed wheels ensure you always have stable driving experience.

It comes in a foldable design that allows you to keep it with you wherever you go. It also features Best-in-class visibility lighting to ensure a safe night ride. The Stator Ride 5 can be your ideal personal transportation companion, and you can pre-order it from their website.

9. MacWheel E-bike Cruiser 550



  • Motor Power- 250W
  • Top Speed- 18MPH
  • Battery Pack- 36V
  • Range- 19-25miles
  • Frame Material- 6061 Aluminum alloy

Every day we have to travel a great portion of our office trip on buses, subways or trains. Which is not always pleasant and can become a hassle some times. That’s why you need Macwheel Cruiser 550, a powerful and super-efficient E-bike, that is built to make your everyday trip convenient and joyful.

It comes with a powerful 250W brushless motor that allows you to reach a top speed of 18.6 miles per hour so that you can swiftly reach your destination. Equipped with a detachable 36V battery pack this E-bike can provide a maximum range of up to37- 50 miles on electric assist mode and 19-25miles on pure electric mode.

This E-bike has a durable frame made from 6061 aluminum alloy, which makes it is durable and corrosion-resistant. With the help of its 5 gears electric modes, 7-speeds-gear-Transmission System and Suspension Fork you can always enjoy a smooth and responsive ride. It also comes with Tektro dual disc brakes to provide instant braking power every time.

It features an LCD display where it shows your bike’s current status in real-time so that you can plan your trip accordingly. It also features an LED headlamp and a tail lamp that ensures a safe ride in the night. If you are looking for a unique and powerful E-bike to solve your everyday transportation hassle, then the Macwheel Cruiser 550 is the right choice for you.




  • Motor- 500W Brushless
  • Top Speed- 12Miles
  • Range- 15 Miles
  • Maximum Payload- 220Pounds

Take a break from boring E-bikes and get on the Jyroball, a unique Self-balancing electric rideable that makes your everyday transport convenient. It comes with a 500W Brushless Gyroscopic Electric Motor, that allows you to reach a top speed of 12MPH so that you can reach your destination swiftly.

Equipped with a powerful battery, this electric rideable offers a maximum range of up to 15mile range on a single charge, so that you can take it on longer trips without any worry. It comes with a 10inch ball size and retractable footplates, which makes it super compact and can handle a maximum payload of up to 220 pounds without breaking a sweat.

The Jyroball is super easy to ride because of its forward-facing driving position, while its gyroscopic technology delivers an effortless ride experience. Add some uniqueness to your everyday Trip with JYROBALL, and you can back them on their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

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