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Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras- Grab yours Under $80

What you can do with an action camera, can’t do with an ordinary camera. An action camera comes with a wide range of accessories that can give you extra benefits. Like, you can attach it to your helmets, car, bike and take them under water and attach to practically and all. This is specially designed for sportsperson and adventurers. They just love to go to an adventure and bring their memories with them. But, pricing is the issue. We all have a budget, and thus it needs to be affordable. Here you will find Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras, all of them are priced undr just $80.

Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

01. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera

Akaso EK7000 is an amazing action camera, known for its quality, features and cheap price. Under $80, you will not find any other better action camera than this.. It has wireless remote control system and 1 extra battery, which make this camera more optimized and user friendly.

Specifications:Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

  • Video: 4K 25fps & 2.7K 30fps
  • Photo: 12MP photos at up to 30FPS
  • 2.4G wireless RF Remote Control
  • Built in Wifi and HDMI
  • Waterproof: Upto 30m
  • Battery: 1050mAh


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02. ELE Sport Action Camera

This new-developed Explorer S comes equipped with Allwinner V3 optimized low-power-consumption CPU and Cortex-A7. This camera has a rich picture quality. With the feature of 4K recording, this camera also is also featured with thebest user experience design. It also has Allwinner V3 ugraded version & has clear and vivid quality recording. Plus, it has a Sony sensor also.

Specifications:           Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

  • Video: 4K, 1080p FHD video
  • Display: 2″ 320*240pixels
  • Picture: 16.0 MP
  • 170° wide angle lens
  • Sony 179 Camera Sensor
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof: 30m
  • Battery (900mAh)
  • OS: Android 4.2 or above / IOS 7.0 or above

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03.  HiCool WIFI 4K Waterproof Action Sports Camera

This is one is the best budget Wi-Fi 4k camera ever, comes with High definition display and playback, [email protected]/[email protected] video resolution provides premium footage. It is featured with 12 MP image resolution with 170 degree wide angle lens, which enables accurate motion capture. It also has a remote controller and one extra battery with it.

Specifications: Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

  • Video: [email protected]/[email protected]
  • Image resolution: 12 MP with 170 degree wide angle lens.
  • Display: 2.0 Inch LCD
  • Wireless remote control & Wi-Fi
  • IP68 waterproof case 30 meters max depth
  • Battery: 1050mAh

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04. Nexgadget 4K Wi-Fi Camera

Nexgadget 4K Action Camera is featured with built-in Wi-Fi and HMDI, allowing connection to the smart phone App for saving, editing and sharing your shots and videos. It offers easy sharing system, makes you share your favorite shots through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others. It also has inspiring image quality and long life rechargeable lithium ion battery.


  • Video: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Picture: 12.0 MP
  • Display: 2.0 Inch LCD
  • 4G Remote Control.
  • Storage Card Slot: Class 10 Micro SD card up to 128GB
  • 170° Wide Angle lens
  • Built in Wi-Fi and HDMI
  • Waterproof Up to 30m
  • Battery 1050mAh (2 Battery)

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05. GSPON Wifi Action Camera

This is another best budget action camera, featured with fish eye lens, which gives you ultra wide angel photo. It also supports 4k 15fps video recording & 12MP photo capturing. It has a 2 inch LCD display, which can help you to take the best snap and video.


  • Video: 4K 15FPS / 2.7K 24FPS
  • Picture: 12 MP, 170° fish-eye lens
  • Display: 2 Inch LCD Screen
  • Builtin wifi and HDMI
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Battery:  1050mAh

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06. DIDONG DT71 4K Ultra HD Action Camera

This 4K action camera contains a 12MP Panasonic CMOS sensor with 170-degree super wide-angle fish eye which offers a better quality of images and videos. It makes your photos sharper, clearer and less distorted. It has more memory storage, 2 Rechargeable batteries & waterproof facilities.


  • Video: 4K 30FPS; 2K 30FPS; 1920*1080 60fps
  • Picture: 8.0 MP.
  • Display: 2.0” LTPS.
  • Storage Card Slot: Class 10 Micro SD card.
  • 120° HD Wide Angle lens.
  • USB: Micro USB 2.0, 5 Pin USB.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Waterproof: Up to 30m
  •  Battery 900mAh

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07.  Victure WIFI Action Camera

This camera strikes a great balance between value, quality and price. There are other action cameras that can record at 4K and take nicer video, however, you need to spend buckets of money to buy it. But, this one is cheap in price, but rich in performance.  This action camera comes with the standard huge array of mounts and accessories (as pictured), It also comes with a spare battery.

Specifications:            Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

  • Video: 1080p FHD, 720p @60fps,30fps
  • Display: 2.0 Inch (60*25*40)mm
  • Picture: 14 MP
  • 170° Wide Angle Lens
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof with IP68 waterproof case
  • WIFI Support: Android. IOS
  • Anti-shaking: Yes
  • Battery: 1050mAh

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08. Vtin 2.0 Inch 1080p HD

The camera has a large 2.0 Inch HD Screen & Wider 170 Degree View, which offers  easy preview of videos and pictures, allowing fast forward/rewind videos also. This one Has a long-life time battery and high memory support. It also has lots of accessories with it.

Specifications:  Top 10 Cheapest 4K Action Cameras

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09.  CetNova Action Video Camera

The action camera helps you to record the passage of time more easily than ever. You can take 1080P video for 70 minutes continuously and 140-degree wide view angle lens, with a removable rechargeable lion battery included. It is ideal for outdoor sports such as cycling, diving, surfing, etc. Kids can easily use it without warring, because of its easy functions and cost. It also has a waterproof casing and multiple mounts, which makes it multi usable.


  • Video: 1080P Ultra HD.
  • Picture: 12.0 MP.
  • Display: 2.0 Inch LCD.
  • Storage Card Slot: Class 10 Micro SD card.
  • 140° wide angle lens.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Waterproof Up to 30m
  • Battery: 900mAh

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10. KINGEAR KG006 Mini Sports Camera

This is a perfect helmet cam. You will get a decent number of accessories, including a Wi-Fi adapter. You’ll also get a mounting kit that will seemingly help you easily mount the camera on your handlebars. Plus, The Run time of this camera is 2.5 after getting charged once. It can record full HD 1080P 1920×1080 with a frame rate of 30FPS. Built-in 1/4 inch of low noise high quality photosensitive element gives you a good low light image quality.


  • Video: 1080P 1920×1080 30FPS / 1280x720P
  • 120 degree wide angle lens
  • Built-in microphone, Built-in vibration motor
  • Extendable up to 32G Micro SD card
  • Lithium Battery
  • Runtime: 2.5 hrs

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Hope, these action cameras may make your adventure more enjoyable.

Top 10 Best 4K Action Camera / GoPro

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