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Top 10 Best Wireless Car Charger Mount

A wireless charging pad may be effective for your home or office, but when it comes to the vehicle, you need a very good charging mount that can grip your phone effectively. Due to the latest tech innovations, you will get plenty of wireless charging features that can power up your devices conveniently while you stay focused on the road. So, in this review, we have gathered a list of the top 10 best wireless car charger mount that will make your life easier. A wireless car charger can provide you an amazing charging experience while you driving.

1. iOttie Wireless Auto Sense Qi Car Charger


  • Display: 4.9”-8.3”
  • Sensor: Proximity
  • Qi Certified: Yes

Experience a safer and more convenient driving experience with iOttie, a car wireless charger that provides you a reliable and secure charging experience. This Qi-certified wireless charger can charge all your Qi-enabled devices flawlessly and efficiently. This charger features a proximity sensor and servo motor. It detects the phone when the phone is near the mount sensor. Therefore, the arms automatically open and close to secure your device on various terrains. It comes with newly crafted telescope arms that support 4.9 to 8.3 inches mobiles and rotates up to 225 degrees. With reliable charging and ergonomic built quality, the iOttie wireless charger is built to maximize convenience and power on the road.

2. Nulaxy Wireless Car Charger


  • Output: up to 10w
  • Display: 4.5”-6.5”
  • Sensor: proximity

Power up your smartphone wirelessly inside your car with the Nulaxy. A versatile wireless car charger that comes with innovative features and ideal charging speed to enhance your car charging experience. It can charge all Qi-enabled devices supporting up to 10watt for android devices and up to 7.5watt for iOS devices. So, you can enjoy your quick charging experience whenever you want. Built with a proximity sensor, this charger can detect the phone whenever the phone body passes over the infrared sensor. With this feature, the mount automatically opens and grip the phone firmly.

With an adjustable arm and foot, It comes with an extra gel pad and reusable suction combo cup. So you will be able to adjust the mounting position and get the highest level of stability on a bumpy road. This charger features temperature control and eliminates the over-charge, current, voltage, heating to ensure the safety of your smartphone while on the go. The Nulaxy wireless car charger comes with a stunning design and plenty of innovative features to ensure your flexibility and security to a whole new level.

3. AUKEY Wireless Car Charger


  • Output: Up to 10w
  • Charging Type: 2.0/3.0
  • Charging cable: USB A TO USB C

Eyes on the road and leave your charging hassle to the AUKEY. This charger is flexible to fit your air vent and provides you a decent charging performance. This Qi-certified wireless car charger provides you up to 10-watt wireless charging. Which can juice up your smartphone from the dead to full in a short time of your journey. Featuring an adjustable air vent mounting grip, this charger can be able to attach thicker or thinner air vents without any problem. 

Engineered with an electromagnetic sensor, when you put your phone on the charger it will automatically grip the phone firmly. With the help of a 360° rotating and pivoting ball, you will be able to enjoy the wider view experience. Designed with premium materials, The Aukey Wireless charger provides you a hassle-free smooth charging that lets you free your mind to focus on the journey.

4. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless


  • Output: Up to 10w
  • Magnets: 2
  • Installation Method: 3

Keep your device fully charged while on the go with iOttie iTap 2, A magnetic wireless charger that delivers power to your smartphones efficiently and effectively. This wireless charger delivers optimal power to all your Qi-enabled smartphones for a safer driving experience on the road. It comes with 2 strong rare-earth magnets that can hold your phone firmly, so your phone won’t fall off on any bumpy road. The Metal Plate Arrangement Guide helps to precisely adjust the metal plate on your smartphone that ensures the most productive wireless charging experience. 

It has three installation methods, So you will be able to install it on the CD Slot, Dashboard, and an air vent that makes your phone more secure and safe. The iTap 2 Wireless is a very famous magnetic dashboard mount for its sleek design and a powerful magnet that powers up your smartphone with a simple tap.

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