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Top 10 Best Smart Water Bottle

Technology has given us the opportunity to track everything about our health, exercise, diet, and even our water drinking habit. Water Drinking habit is no longer a negligible practice of our healthy lifestyle, rather it is a crucial part of the healthy lifestyle routine. For this most important habit, we can now grab help from technology, as it has blessed us with smart bottles, to track our water drinking habit. Though this is a recent invention, still market has been flooded with lots of smart bottle brands, not all of them offer proper value for your health. We have listed down the top 10 best smart water bottle for your healthy lifestyle, from all these brands to inspire your health consciousness. Let’s check them out-

1. Seed Vacuum Smart Bottle


  • LED touch screen.
  • Water consumption tracking.
  • Water intake reminder.
  • Made of premium stainless steel.
  • Ultra-low-power Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Temperature preservation.

Introducing the Seed vacuum, a smart bottle that can maintain water temperature and satisfy your water drinking habits effortlessly. This bottle features an air-elastic technology which monitors water volume by measuring the amount of air in the bottle without even touching the water. So, you can enjoy fresh, germ-free water every time. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, ensuring the bottle is perfect to carry water without any stress. The seed has a highly sensitive temperature sensor, that controls the appropriate temperature for you whenever you open the bottle.

It also displays how much water you’ve drunk after closing its cap. This smart bottle can check if the water temperature is safe for you to drink while keeping the water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, and it can also alert you if the water is not fresh or undrinkable. By connecting this water bottle with Apple Health, you can measure your water consumption data. So that you can have a clear idea about your everyday drinking habits. It runs on 2 batteries and a supercapacitor, which can power this water bottle up to 1 year without any interruptions. If you are into the market for a smart, light and easy to carry a water bottle, then this bottle is perfect for you.

2. DrinKup


  • Automatically synchronize.
  • Tilt to read.
  • Vibrate to remind.
  • Flip to detect your drink’s temperature.
  • Build with stainless steel.
  • Has a 400 mah Li-polymer battery

Meet Drinkup, your personalized hydration planner. This bottle has the ability to record and analyze the hydration status based on your body type and daily habits, it also displays the hydration status on the cap and even notifies you to drink when you are dehydrated. By simply tilting the bottle you can check how much water is left on the bottle, you can also flip it to read the current water temperature at a glance. It can show different types of warning signs depending on the situations like if the water temperature reaches 50 degree Celsius or the water is undrinkable and need to be replaced.

By connecting this water bottle with smart wearable devices, you can adjust your water intake needs and always stay connected with a large drink up a community. This water bottle has an app which allows you to customize a hydration plan according to your body type. You can also see your hydration history through this app and take a decision for a healthier life. It has a 400 mah Li-polymer battery, which can last for several months in a single charge so that you can take it on longer trips. You should get this water bottle to ensure fresh drinking water every day, whether you are home or on a trip far from home.

3. H2OPal


  • Automatically tracks your hydration.
  • Auto-adjusts your goals.
  • Get smart notifications.
  • Can provide power for up to 4 months.

H2Opal is a sustainable smart water bottle that helps you to build a healthy drinking habit in your busy life. This water bottle is made with High-grade borosilicate glass, which keeps your water always fresh and odorless every day. It features a sensor which can track your water intake throughout the day and reminds you to drink water, so you can stay hydrated throughout the entire day. By connecting the water bottle with the Apple Watch or Fitbit, you can get notifications to drink water when it is time to drink.

It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, enabling you to interact with the bottle by voice command. With the H20pal app you can customize your daily hydration goal via smartphone and keep track of your daily drinking habits easily. This water bottle has a battery which can provide power up to 4 months, so that you can enjoy freshwater every day, every time, without any interruption. If you want a smart bottle that can improve your focus on drinking and keep you always active, then the H2Opal is perfect for you.

4. Gene Smart Sports Bottle


  • Dual-mode of hydration adapts.
  • Fits different motions at sports. 
  • ZephairTM hydration tracking technology.
  • The LCD display provides real-time hydration data.
  • Up to 25 days of runtime on a single charge.

Introducing the Gene Smart Sports Bottle that will make your everyday drinking habit smarter. It features Zephair hydration tracking technology, which can eliminate all conventional electronic internals within the bottle and improves the water quality. This smart bottle comes with smart safe locking system that locks the lid completely so that you don’t have to worry about leakage while carrying it in the bag. It uses the DPAT hydration tracking algorithm to calculate your body’s hydration needs based on your actual water intake, body weight, health condition, and your daily exercises.

And provide a reminder to drink water regularly. The Moikit APP allows you to record your hydration progress on the smartphone, analyze your hydration habits and reminds you to drink water. This water bottle is also compatible with Apple Health, Jawbone UP and Fitbit. It comes with an IPX6 rating so that you can wash it regularly or use it on rainy days without any hesitation. This water bottle has 150mAh polymer lithium battery which provides up to 25 days of runtime on a single charge. If you want a smart water bottle that helps you to build better hydration habits, the Gene smart water bottle is for you.

5. Ozmo Smart Bottle


  • The LED indicates the hydration level.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • Automatic detection.
  • Convenient carrying handle.
  • High precision and accuracy in measurement.
  • Up to 3 weeks of battery on single.

The smart water bottle from Ozmo helps you to improve your mental alertness to create better focus and memory. Ozmo is designed to help you achieve a greater level of wellness. With the ability to measure and record both your water and coffee consumption, the smart bottle helps you to reach your hydration goals. So, you’ll know how much you should drink after a healthy workout. The Ozmo Smart Bottle connects with the Ozmo app via Bluetooth and it can also connect with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health and other fitness trackers.

It also has a smart sensor that can detect whether the water inside is warm or cold. Ozmo has a built-in, LED which indicates the hydration level and the vibration alert notifies you when you should drink water. This leak proof water bottle comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 3 weeks of running capacity in a single charge. If you are a health-conscious person but forget to maintain your health because of your busy tasks then the Ozmo Smart Bottle is perfect for you.

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