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Top 10 Best Smart Plugs for Alexa and Google Assistant

Making our home smart has always been a dream for many of us, but many people think making your home smart is a costly step as you have to buy a lot of smart devices for your home. But now you can do that efficiently by using smart plugs. These plugs cost less than many other smart devices and let you control your home appliances in a smart way.
There are a lot of smart plugs on the market, and to help you choose the perfect smart plug for your home, we’ve listed top 10 best Smart plugs that you can use to convert your home into a smart home.

1. iDevices Switch


  • With side outlet.
  • Integrates with Apple HomeKit & Alexa
  • Discreet and compact design.
  • Features a customizable LED nightlight.
  • Features customizable schedules.

Introducing the iDevices Switch, a home automation technology, allows you to control your home appliances just in a finger touch, with no hubs required. The iDevices Connected app and HomeKit work together to control your iDevices which works from one central dashboard that allows you seamless interaction with any other HomeKit-enabled products easily. With the iDevices Switch, you can manage your connected home through Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, the google assistant, and IFTTT.

You can make a custom schedule from the app and can turn on or off the appliances automatically. With this plug, you can get energy consumption data from the electronic devices you plug into Switch. The iDevices Switch features a customizable LED nightlight, and you can choose hundreds of color options. It will protect you from blindness at night. Once your accessory is plugged in, connect it with Switch from the free iDevices Connected app to start controlling the power to it.

2. Avatar Controls Smart Wifi Power Strip


  • With 3 Outlets separate control.
  • 2 USB group control.
  • Avatar Controls APP remote control.
  • Works with Alexa/Google Home.
  • No hub required.
  • Timer function.

Avatar Controls Smart Plug empowers you to remotely control your appliances, without requiring any hubs. It is the world’s first minimum size EU smart WiFi plug, which has a small size. This is a flexible and versatile smart power strip with a compact design, the power strip can be placed anywhere in your room. The portable power strip comes equipped with 3 AC outlets arranged separately on one side, so it’s capable of powering up to 3 devices and preventing conflict between the three sockets. Also, three built-in USB ports charge your mobile devices.

The power strip can be a part of your smart home network powered by Alexa or Google Home, using built-in WiFi connectivity, so you can monitor it remotely with your voice. Furthermore, using its companion app, you can separately control three connected devices or set schedules for them via your smartphone. Moreover, it also supports IFTTT to interact with more smart devices and online services, which makes your home appliance more intelligent.

3. Wemo Mini Smart Plug


  • Space-saving design.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Set Schedules and Timers.
  • Control from Anywhere.
  • More Features with IFTTT.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug offers home automation and makes it easier to control overhead lights, fans, or other connected devices remotely via smartphone or tablet. This smart plug works with Nest Thermostat so your lights and appliances “know” when you’re home or away, and respond automatically. Even it protects your home with its ‘Away Mode’, which makes the light turn on and off automatically to confuse intruders.

It comes with an App, with which you can schedule a lamp to turn on at sunset or keep your house comfortable in the summer by scheduling a fan to turn on at noon. The Smart Plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of home appliances. Wemo works seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Siri allowing you to control your lights using your connected Home devices from your Android or iPhone, or any other compatible device.

4. Avatar Controls Smart Capsule Dual Wifi Plug


  • Works with Avatar Controls APP.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Schedule feature.
  • Timer function.
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network first connection.

Introducing Avatar Controls Smart Capsule Dual Wifi Plug, capable of controlling lamps, heaters, kettles, and other home appliances from your phone and making your ordinary outlet super smart. Dual smart home plug designed with 2 outlets and 2 switches, both outlets can be controlled individually or in a group. It works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and its own Avatar Controls APP and enables you to get the ultimate control of your home, just sitting on your couch.

You can both Activate and deactivate home appliances and electronics from, anywhere using this Wi-Fi Smart Plug and the Avatar Controls APP on your phone. Track current and historical power use for connected devices and schedule your use effectively to save on your next electric bill. The smart home plug will automatically switch on / off up to your mind with the convenient timer feature. Avatar Controls 2 in 1 smart plug allows you to create customized schedules for your devices so that they run on your schedule. You will find that intelligent life can make your daily routines simpler and more effective.

5. iHome iSP6


  • Works with Alexa.
  • WiFi-enabled wall plug.
  • No hub required.
  • Slim design.
  • Apple Home Kit compatibility.

iHome iSP6 might be your pick if you’re looking for a full-featured but inexpensive smart plug to monitor your home from anywhere. This WiFi-enabled iHome’s iPS6 SmartPlug lets you control any connected device, for example, turning off the heat, turning on the light or controlling your audio system from your home or remotely from any location using the app on your iPhone or iPad.

iHome iSP6 is compatible with SmartThings, Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Homekit, Nest and other voice assistants. iHome plug comes with the iHome Control app which is compatible with both android and iPhone and provides you to look after your electric devices from outside and make your home ready before reaching the home from the office. This smart plug also includes a remote control which makes it easier for guests and children to control the connected appliances, who don’t have access to your phone.

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