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Top 10 Best Smart Lights for Your Smart Home

If you are just starting to dip your toe into upgrading your home to a smart home, the easiest place to start is with lighting. Switching out a smart light requires so little time and effort, but can make a huge difference in how you interact with your home.  These smart lights allow you to control your lights with your phone or through Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, you can schedule them to turn on at any time and dim them at will, even if you don’t have a dimmer switch. You can also customize their lighting conditions to spice up your home environment! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of smart lights on the market for you to consider. So, to ease your burden, we`ve come up with the list of top 10 smart lights for your smart home! Let’s get started!

1. Helios Touch ( Modular Design & Customization)


  • Touch Control- Yes
  • Mounting System- Sticky Pads
  • Connected lighting- Up to 24 tiles
  • Brightness: 1400-4000 Lumens
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.2 LE wireless connection
  • Virtual Assistant Support:  Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • Customizable: Yes

Design your ideal lighting however you want with the Helios Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting. Coming in sets of six panels, these LEDs are unlike any other light you have in your home. Each panel is touch-sensitive, meaning it turns on and off with just a tap. you can also hold your hand on the panels to control the brightness. Helios Touch Evolution is available in warm and cool white, they match the style of your room for a more personalized experience!

Each of the Helios Touch Lights is hexagonal meaning there are unlimited arrangement options for over 60 panels to offer maximum customization! The panels seamlessly connect using magnets on the side. And they also adhere to your wall with 3M adhesive strips, so you can rearrange as often as you’d like. Perfect for anywhere from your reading nook to your company’s lobby, Helios Touch gives you a whole new way to interact with light and you can buy it online.

2. Philips Hue ( Focus App Control & Customization)


  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • Wi-Fi: None
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Virtual Assistant Support: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana
  • Customizable: Yes

Control your light fixture from anywhere in the world with the Philips Hue A19, a unique light that can spice up your home environment! This dimmable light has a light output of 800 lumens and a 2000 to 6500 Kelvin color temperature for up to 16 million colors. A lifespan of 25,000 hours ensures that the Light will last for many years to come. This Light has built-in Bluetooth that allows you to connect it to the smartphone app and control or customize it according to your need!

When connected to the app or Bridge, you’ll be able to turn the light on and off, as well as create customized schedules or customize color with an iOS or Android device. Philips Hue is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and Microsoft Cortana and offers support for seamless voice control. These lights can be configured to illuminate your property to discourage unwanted visitors or criminal activity, but they are equally useful for holiday decorating or impromptu parties.

3. Syska Smart Light


  • Brightness: 480 Lumens
  • Mobile Operating System Support: Android, iOS
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Virtual Assistant Support: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • Customizable: Yes

Syska Smart Light is here to question all that you knew about smart lights! It comes equipped with innovative features such as Wi-Fi Compatibility, color tones for every mood, and Voice Control to maximize your convenience! You can connect this 480 Lumens Smart Light to your Wi-Fi network to enjoy controlling the lighting through the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet. By downloading the dedicated Syska Smart Home App, you can choose from the 16 million shades and different tones. Additionally, the brightness of the Light can also be manipulated through the app.

This smart Light comes with an alarm clock feature that you can use to set daily schedules. These schedules instruct the light Light to automatically start when it gets dark and turn off when the sun rises. Besides, it can also be controlled through voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a new hub or paid subscription service can go for Syska. The smart Light is compatible with virtually any WIFI.

4. Ellum Solar Light


  • Brightness: 240 Lumens
  • Mobile Operating System Support: No
  • Connectivity: No
  • Virtual Assistant Support: No
  • Customizable: Yes

The new Ellum Solar is an intuitive smart light, embedded with sensors that illuminate the dark when motion is detected. Meaningfully designed, the Ellum attaches magnetically and has a touch dimmer to manually adjust the brightness of the light, wherever you need it. Thoughtfully simple, a solar panel spans the bottom of Ellum, making charging wire-free and always available. Reworked, refined, and distilled, the new Ellum is an inventive design that is purposefully formed. The body and mount conceals the aligning neodymium magnets, allowing the Ellum to be adjustable and easily detachable.

The Ellum is much more than a motion sensor light. With features that matter, it’s bright enough to be a desk lamp and portable enough to be a light you have with you anywhere you go. It is also free from any kind of charging port and runs on solar power adding convenience and safety when needed. The absence of a charging port means you don`t have to worry about taking an additional adaptor while solar charging ensures that you have got a power source anywhere, anytime. A great choice for frequent travelers. Being extremely portable and solar-powered, you can take it literally anywhere without a worry about charging.

5. PLAYLIGHT Zoocoro Smart Night Lights

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