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Top 10 Best Gaming Desk

A good gaming desk is a must needed item for your gaming setup and it can be a lot more than just a place to throw your PC or all other gaming peripherals. Finding the right gaming desk for your platform can be just the thing to step up the quality of your gameplay and to help you to get started, we have selected the TOP 10 best gaming desks that can take your gaming experience into the next level. So, without any further ado, Let’s get started!


  • Type: Standing Adjustable Electric
  • Material: MDF Wood & Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Foot Glides: 5″
  • Height Adjustment Range: 29” to 48”
  • Max Load: 225 Pounds

Built with extraordinary materials and packs with great gaming features, the APEX-DESK-ELITE-SERIES beats all other desks and took the number 1 spot on our list. With its Dual-motor lifting-mechanism, this desk’s Height Adjustable feature will allow you to go from 29-inch up-to 48-inch, enabling you to transform seamlessly from a sitting to a standing-position within a matter of seconds.

Designed to hold up-to 225-pounds, this gaming-desk is built with Strong-steel-frame and Medium density fiberboard wood, which has a smooth matte finish on it, providing you the stability and strength to put your gaming peripherals with ease. This gaming-desk is 60-inch wide and you can choose up to 71-inch design, giving you the option to hold up to three gaming monitors with other gaming-peripherals without any hassle.


  • Type: 4 Motor Leg Desk
  • Material: Wood & Steel Frame
  • Frame height range: 24.3″ – 49.9″
  • Desktop width: 60″ or wider
  • Foot leveling: 3/8″ 
  • Max Load: 535 Pounds

Meet the UPLIFT-V2 4-LEG STANDING-DESK, a heavy-duty gaming desk that is built to ramp up your gaming experience. This gaming desk features four motorized legs which can adjust the table’s height from 25.3-inch to 50.9-inch, providing you an ergonomic feature to enjoy your gameplays as you want. With the ability to lift to 535-pounds, this desk is built with a sturdy steel frame with rubberwood-top or cedar-top, so you will get plenty of strength for your heavy gaming-setup without any wobbling. It offers a complimentary wire management tray to keep your cables from hanging down of your desk, allowing you to maintain a clean & organized cable-management for your gaming setup.


  • Type: RGB Desk
  • Material: Steel-constructed frame 
  • Desktop: Full mousepad surface
  • Height Adjustable: 27.5″ to 43.3″
  • Max Load: 330 pounds

Thermaltake is well-known for its RGB gaming peripherals all over the world. Meet the LEVEL 20 RGB BATTLESTATION from Thermaltake, an electric gaming desk that offers great RGB lighting with various gaming features to enhance your gameplays. This gaming Desk offers an exceptional Ergonomic design and with its high-quality motor, you can easily adjust its height between 27.5-inch to 43.3-inch smoothly, ensuring you to customize your sitting or standing positions to suit as per your gaming needs. With a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds, this desk is built with Steel-constructed frame and designed with a 13.3 square Inches mousepad surface, allowing to set multiple monitor setups without any slippage.
This Gaming Desk features RGB lighting strips and you can switch the lighting effects via the iTAKE gaming engine software, enabling you to match your desk with your gaming rig.


  • Type: Height Adjustable Desk
  • Material: Steel, Wood
  • Height Adjustable: 28’’ to 31.9’’
  • Surface: Water-resistant microfiber
  • Max Load: 176lbs

Gaming on a ultrawide desk is a dream for any gamers, meet the Arozzi Arena, a gaming desk that offers wide space for rocking multiple monitors to enhance your gaming experience. With the height adjustable feature from 28-inch to 31.9-inches, this gaming desk is held up with sturdy steel legs along with 4 balance adjustment knobs to prevent it from wobbling, allowing you enjoy a steady gaming experience. With a load capacity of 176 pounds, the frame of this gaming desk is built with strong steel and features a water-resistant surface that is covered with a microfiber mousepad on top of an MDF board, ensuring you to get a stable gaming setup without any slippage. With the 3 cut outs on top of the surface, you can attach 3 multiple monitors and also allows you to do your cable management with plenty of space, enabling you to enjoy a clean and clutter-free gaming experience.


  • Type: Ergonomic Desk
  • Material: Wood/CF/Steal ABS
  • Desk Height: 1.0 M
  • Max Load: 110 pounds

Budget friendly yet powerful, meet The DXRacer-GD-1000-N-Series, a Gaming Desk that has been designed with pro-gaming in mind to elevate your gaming-skills. With high-quality ABS-material, this gaming desk offers double-triangle design which provides you a strong-structure and allows you to ideally fit your monitors, systems, and gaming-peripherals with ease. With a maximum-capacity of 110-pounds, it features Large 360-rotatable-trapezoid feet with steel-rod-frame inside, providing you a stable-base support so that you can play your game without any wobbling. Featuring Carbon-fiber-feather with natural-wood on top, this gaming desk has 4-large openings to handle all your wires-&-cables to experience a clean-&-neat gameplay. With the 10-degree slope and extended work surface, it provides an optimal ergonomic angle to rest your forearm, allowing you to play comfortably for a long-time.


  • Type: RGB Gaming Desk
  • Material: Carbon Fiber/aluminum
  • RGB: Dual-sided RGB
  • Incline: 5-Degree

Meet the E-WIN-2.0, an eye-catching RGB gaming-desk with attractive modern design to boost your gaming-experience into a new stage. This gaming-desk stands on high-strength brushed-aluminum legs for achieving excellent stability on carpet or hardwood-floors

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