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Top 10 Best G-Shock Watches You Can Buy

The G-shock watches are well-known for their durability, reliability and toughness. These watches are as sturdy as hard rock and trusted by military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. However, with so many options from the ocean of watches, it is really hard to choose the right G-Shock watch that is well suited for your needs. That is why we’ve listed down the best G-shock watches just for you. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into it.


  • Sensor: Triple Sensor with Module 3410
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud
  • Battery: 7 Months Solar Rechargeable
  • LED: Full Auto
  • Compass: Digital

As we approach to the number 1 G-Shock in our list, meet the Rangeman GW-9400-1. This is by far the highest-selling tough & rugged survival watch from G-Shock. This is the first G-Shock model to be equipped with the famous triple sensor, which includes an altimeter/barometer and thermometer along with a compass. The altimeter and barometer sensors have a measuring range of -700 to 10,000 meters. It shows thermal readings and a barometric pressure graph. The thermometer shows accurate readings and the compass indicates the north as well as the bearing objective. With its water resistance up to 200m and low-temperature resistance up to Minus 10-degree Celsius, you can dive into water without any hassle. The RANGEMAN GW-9400-1 has a long-lasting Solar rechargeable battery that is rated for up to 7 months on a single charge so that you won’t have to worry about access to electricity to keep your watch working.


  • Sensor: Thermometer, Altimeter/Barometer, Digital Compass, Step Counter
  • Material: Carbon, Metal, Resin
  • Movement Module: 5594
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud
  • Bluetooth & App: Yes

To make adventure efficient for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, G-Shock comes with the GGB100-1A3. This G-Shock watch has a compass, thermometer and pressure sensors along with barometer and altimeter. The fourth sensor in this model is an accelerometer that senses the acceleration of gravity, tilts, vibrations and keeps track of your footsteps. These readings can be stored on your smartphone via Bluetooth. This watch has shock resistance, water resistance up to 200 meters, mud and dust resistance for any extreme survival situation. Like other Mudmasters, this watch also offers durability but in a lightweight body. With a carbon core structured case, this watch will allow you to keep yourself protected from any shock-induced damage. Additionally, this watch connects through G-Shock app that helps with the overall configuration. It also records altitude data, route information and step count for later use.


  • Sensor: Barometer, Compass, Thermometer
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud 
  • Battery: 29 Months with Solar
  • Connectivity: GPS & Bluetooth
  • App Support: G-Shock Connected
  • Weight: 142g

Designed for use in the most extreme conditions, G-Shock GPS Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR is built to achieve the ultimate toughness that G-SHOCK pursues. This is the world’s first solar-powered GPS survival watch. Once activated, the GPS will last for over 30 hours on a single solar charge. It tracks your locations and guides you on pre-uploaded routes. Activate its backtracking mode and you can follow the route you have already taken. It has an altimeter, a barometer, and a thermometer. There is a compass for easy navigation. Like every other watch that has G-Shock DNA in it, RANGEMAN can withstand a fall from 10 meters. It has a water resistance of up to 200 meters. You can transfer traveling information to your phone through G-Shock Connected app. To ensure a long life, the GPR-B1000-1 JR features a wireless and solar charging system. Unlike other solar-powered watches, RANGEMAN is continuously powered by any light source even in cloudy and foggy weather.


  • Sensor: Direction & Thermo
  • Movement Module: 3261
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud
  • Battery: Solar Rechargeable

Explore the World’s unknown places with the impenetrable G-Shock Mudman G-9300-1. This is well-known for its unbeatable battery & amazing GPS tracking. The Mudman G-9300-1 features a Twin Sensor of Compass and Thermometer. With an easy one-touch press button, the G-Shock’s compass and thermometer sensor gets activated. This watch also has a TRUE North Direction reading. This watch also features a moon phase graph to determine whether the night time hours will be dark or light. It enables you to do your outdoor jobs before the darkness while you are in the wild. The G9300-1 has shock and mud resistance along with its 200m water resistance. The battery is solar rechargeable and on a full charge, the battery could last for up to 7 months. Tough Solar ensures stable operation while using power-hungry functions. A mix of all these features make this an ideal watch for rugged outdoors.


  • Sensor: Digital Compass, Thermometer
  • Movement Module: 5476
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud
  • Battery: SR927W x 2
  • Approximate Battery Life: 2 years

The new addition to the G-Shock Mudmaster Series, GG-1000-1A3CR is a perfect combination of durability and GPS tracking so that you would never get lost during your outdoor explorations. This watch has twin Sensor capabilities that provide instant access to direction and temperature information when needed under tough conditions. Its built-in thermometer ensures the weather temperature up to 140 Fahrenheit. The Mudmaster GG-1000 has a maximum water resistance is up to 200 meters. This device also comes with mud-resistant construction. It prevents any mud and dust from getting into the watch so you don’t need to worry about the harsh situation you face. The face of this G-Shock is illuminated by a high-brightness auto LED light to ensure high visibility in low light conditions. The battery life for this model is 2 years. The overall design is tough and rugged.


  • Movement Module: 3221
  • Resistance: Water 200m, Shock & Mud
  • Battery: Solar Rechargeable
  • Crystal: Mineral Glass
  • World Time: 31 Time Zones

Setting the standard for timekeeping toughness, G-Shock GX56BB-1 black captures the essence of one-tone resin. It has the very essence of the rough & tough basic G-SHOCK image for everyone. It offers water resistance up to 200 meters. It has mud and shock resistance to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. All of these features ensure a long life of this black beast. Under the hood, the watch features a tough solar-powered battery for its operation. This feature will allow maintaining stable operation even for the power-hungry functions. The approximate battery life for this battery is 11 months on a full charge. This G-Shock watch is ideal for sports and athletics. The alarm, calendar, and world time facilities help the user stay organized. This watch has a day-light saving on/off and city code display. It features an EL LED light with afterglow.

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