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Top 10 Best Camping Flashlights

  • If you love traveling and have camping plans in your 2020 bucket list, you better get ready and pack your backpack because traveling spots all around the world are opened after the first wave of COVID’19. You may have to take off from work, but that’s not a big deal. Learn a bit more about taking off from work for camping. While many gadgets are extremely important to ensure that you have a great camping experience, a flashlight is the most important one. Therefore, in this article, we’ve listed top 10 best flashlights for your camping plans this year. So, without any further ado, let’s find out what kind of flashlight you need for your next trip.

    1. Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight



    • Built-in solar panel.
    • USB charging cable.
    • Multiple light options.
    • Advanced lithium 4400mAh battery.
    • Run Time: 7 – 48 Hours

    What if I tell you that you can camp and make it environmentally friendly at the same time? Pretty impressive, right? Goal zero is a multi-functional, solar-powered flashlight. It means that you won’t be throwing batteries at your site of camping.

    2. Anker Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight



    • 900-lumen (max) Cree LED.
    • Features 5 adjustable settings.
    • With a rechargeable 3350mAh battery.
    • Extended 50000-hour lifespan. 
    • IPX5-rated water-resistant

    If you are looking for something with a reasonable price tag with a wide range of price settings, then Anker Bolder is just the flashlight that you need. It is strongly built, which means it is water and shock-resistant. It is an excellent pick if you want something that doesn’t require much care.

    3. Nitecore MH23 USB Rechargeable Compact Flashlight



    • 1800 lumen beam.
    • Lights up to 322 yards.
    • Five brightness levels. 
    • Built-in micro-USB charging port.

    If you are looking for a compact but still heavy-duty flashlight that is also rechargeable, then Nitecore MH23 is the flashlight for you. It can easily fit with your pocket clip and comes with a plastic battery case. It has a small size, but it doesn’t limit its power.

    4. Fenix UC35 Rechargeable Flashlight



    • 50,000 hours lifespan.
    • 60 Lumens brightness.
    • Max beam distance: 656 feet.

    Getting Fenix UC35 means that you don’t have to worry about its protection as it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. So, it is safe to say that it is one of the toughest flashlights in the market. Therefore, even if your camping takes a rough turn, it’ll withstand all kinds of rough and challenging situations. The company claims that its high beam can reach up to 266 meters. Above all, it is another budget option for the flashlight.

    5. Goal Zero USB Flashlight Tool



    • Intended for use with switch 10 recharger.
    • 4 hours of run time with switch 10.
    • 110 lumen, White, 3W Cree LED light.
    • Weighs Only 2 ounces.

    Another flashlight from Goal zero is added in our top 10 list on number 5 for some very convincing reasons. This flashlight is something that you can easily carry in your pocket. It means that if you are going hiking at night, you won’t have to reach for your backpack to take out the flashlight. A feature that makes it a unique choice is that it can be plugged into any standard USB port. Hence, you don’t have to carry bulky batteries. If you want something compact, then the Goal Zero Flashlight tool is what you need to get.

    6. SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Fuel Tactical Flashlight



    • Dual fuel battery technology.
    • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body. 
    • With 1500 lumen beam.
    • 3.5 hours of battery life.

    It is another powerful flashlight that is contained very nicely in a compact packaging. Comes with a rechargeable battery, and it can emit a 1500-lumen beam that can reach up to 3.5 hours. It can give 3.5 hours of battery life. Overall, it is a pretty nice flashlight. But, if you are looking for something that can last all night, then it may not be the right flashlight for you.

    7. J5 Tactical v-1 Pro Flashlight



    • 3 Useful Settings.
    • Super Bright, 300 Lumens.
    • Up to 600 feet coverage.
    • Compact Tactical Design

    J5 Tactical is another model of the flashlight that is made to fit in your pocket. It also has three light modes, which means that you can set the light according to your requirements. This flashlight is also water-resistant. If you are camping in a rainy area, then this flashlight is going to prove itself a great companion. The only downside of J5 Tactical is that it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. If you don’t like small flashlights that are too small in size, then you may have to look for something other than J5.

    8. Stanley Fatmax LED Spotlight Flashlight



    • Up to 2,200 lumens.
    • 7 hours runtime.
    • Three mode settings.

    Don’t worry if your camping site is too dark. Stanley Fatmax is going to cover you with its super bright 920 lumens. Since it offers extreme bright light, it only makes sense that it has a rechargeable battery. So, don’t worry about running out of the batteries because you can charge it anytime you want. But wait. That’s not it. You can use it as a power bank and charge your other devices with it. Pretty impressive, right?

    However, it doesn’t have a very long run time. It is the reason that Fatmax didn’t make it on the top of this list. Apart from that, it is not water-resistant either. So, if you are thinking of getting this one, keep these factors in mind.

    9. GearLight Tactical Flashlight Lantern



    • Magnetic Base
    • Adjustable Zoom
    • Weather, Water, and Shock Resistant.

    With both flashlight and the lantern modes, this flashlight is really a whole package. It is another option for you if you are looking for something on a budget. Some of its other unique features include built-in magnets, being water-resistant, and above all, it includes rechargeable batteries. The only drawback that this battery has is that it has a really short run time. So, you may have to recharge it every few hours.

    10. Maglight Mini Pro LED



    • Durable aluminum body.
    • With 226 Lumen.
    • 10.75 hours of battery life.

    Last but not least, on our list is the Maglight Mini Pro LED. This compact flashlight offers excellent durability and strength. Apart from its durability, it can easily fit in your pocket. It also comes with a carrying sheath. It means that you don’t have to worry much about its protection. The reason for putting this flashlight, in the end, is that it has a non-rechargeable battery, and it has a really short run time. Therefore, it may not be the best pick for you if you are planning to go for a long term trip.

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