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Top 10 Best Anti Theft Smart Backpacks

Getting your items stolen on buses or subways is a great frustration for anyone, but now you can always have peace of mind with Anti-theft Smart backpacks. These backpacks are smarter than your regular everyday carry backpacks and offer maximum security for your belongings so that you can travel completely worry-free. We have listed, the top 10 best anti theft smart backpacks that you can have to ensure maximum security for your valuable belongings.

1. Lumzag


  • Material- Carbon fiber+ Italian Leather
  • App compatibility- Yes
  • Alarm system- Yes
  • Powerbank Capacity- 10,000 mAh

Are you searching for the most innovative smart carrying solution? Then get introduced with the Lumzag Smart Backpack, having ample storage space, designed with high-end materials and some smart features to boost up your productivity.

You can charge your phone wirelessly on the go, while also charging your tablet and laptop with the built-in 10,000mAh power bank. You can also charge your AirPods using the special compartment in the bag. The built-in LED light in the main compartment gives you a comfortable and energy-efficient solution of finding your things blindly.

If someone else tries to open your bag or steal it, the Lumzag mobile App will notify you about that. It will also activate a high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is above your set maximum. You can also track your bag wherever you are, regardless of the distance between you and the bag.

2. Solgaard Lifepack 2.0


  • Fabric- Shore-Tex™ fabric
  • USB port- Yes
  • Anti-theft Lock- Yes
  • Waterproof- Yes

Meet the Lifepack 2.0 from Solgaard, a backpack that makes you ready for anything, at any moment. This bag is designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, whether you’re a digital nomad, weekend warrior, or everyday adventurer.

Fabricated from Shore-Tex™ fabric which is made from upcycled ocean-bound plastic, this backpack is durable enough to be sustained in any situation. You can easily charge your devices anytime through an integrated USB port of this backpack, so from now on, no more dead phones.

Its patented, anti-theft lock keeps your items safe, whether you’re working at a cafe, or meeting up with friends at a busy venue, and enjoy four secret pockets to secure your passport and cards. You can access your daily essentials while keeping your life and work organized with two main storage areas while having deluxe drop-proof laptop storage.

3. Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack


  • Storage Capacity- 22L
  • Material- Polyester
  • Weight- 2.4 pounds.

Forget worrying about your belongings on any trip with the Ammonite Anti-Theft Backpack, a feature-packed backpack that lets you carry all your items with you and keeps them protected. This backpack offers a massive 22L storage space and features multiple storage compartments and pockets to keep them organized. It also features a special compartment for laptops.

It offers several hidden pockets for your sensitive items and has Additional pockets on shoulder straps for easy access to ID- and credit cards. Its shell and interior are made from polyester, which makes it water-resistant and durable to withstand everyday use and ensure longevity. Its ergonomic design with padded shoulder straps, allows you to carry this backpack with you for a long time with optimum comfort.

4. Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack


  • Storage Capacity- 12L
  • Locking System- Zinc alloy lock
  • Material- Cut resistant & water repellent
  • Weight- 2.6 Pounds

Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with the Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack. You can use this backpack as a backpack or briefcase, while it offers ample storage space of up to 12L. You can easily fit your 15.6-inch laptop in this backpack.

Equipped with Hidden Zippers & Pockets it comes with zinc alloy lock to secure the backpack to any fixed object and have optimum peace of mind Combined with cut-resistant water repellent material and metal frame, this backpack is super durable and keeps your items dry even in heavy rains. It comes with padded shoulder straps and meshes back, which allows you to carry heavy loads for a long time with comfort. it also features a side handle which you can use to carry it like a briefcase.

5. Agazzi Backpack


  • Storage Capacity- 18L
  • Locking System- Steel wire
  • Material- Glass Fiber
  • Weight- 2.6 Pounds

What if you could lock and unlock your backpack with your fingerprint? Awesome right? then you need is Agazzi backpack, a feature-packed backpack that ensures the security of your belongings. This backpack offers a huge 23L storage space and comes with 2 Compartments and 11 pockets to keep your items organized. It also features an internal LED light, which can provide essential brightness in the dark.

For enhancing security this backpack comes with a fingerprint lock system and a stainless-steel cord that lets you attach the backpack to any objects. Made from premium materials this backpack is durable and water-resistant, to ensure all your belongings always stay dry. Its High-quality breathable mesh allows air to flow through the material and escape keeping your back cooler. It also has padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying experience.

6. ClickPack X

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