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Mitsubishi QM200HA-H

Mitsubishi QM200HA-H Mitsubishi QM200HA-H

#QM200HA-H Mitsubishi QM200HA-H New IGBT transistor module 200A/1000V/GTR/75, QM200HA-H pictures, QM200HA-H price, #QM200HA-H supplier


QM200HA-H Features
• IC Collector current 200A
• VCEX Collector-emitter voltage 1000V
• hFE DC current gain 75
• Insulated Type
• UL Recognized
ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tj=25°C, unless otherwise noted)
Collector-base voltage Emitter open VCBO 600V
Collector reverse current DC (forward diode current 200A
Collector dissipation TC=25°C 1250W
Junction temperature Ti –40~+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg –40~+125°C
Weight 420g

IGBT transistor module 200A/1000V/GTR/75

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